The life…

You ever feel like your in a bubble? Like your just existing? You have a life, you work hard, you’re always busy but at the end of the day what is it all for? The day just comes and goes. Sunrise … Sunset… Occasionally you will have those moments of joy and laughter, but then you fall back into the same routine of sunrise, sunset. How does one fall out of this rut? Is it really a lack of motivation?

Some of us live our lives as if we do not have life. We let the weight of the world burden us and cripple us. We do what we have to do, not because we want to do it, but only because it’s a means to some end. We show up, but we are not really there, we smile but it is only done to mask how we really feel. If I smile I get less questions, but if I carry my true emotions on my face people will not leave me alone…

Although life sucks, we have to also acknowledge how blessed we still are. Many of us are in school or have a great job. We have a decent roof over our heads, food to eat. Maybe even a decent significant other. Life may not be golden, but this isn’t our home anyways. We were never promised that this life would be easy, especially for those who fear God.

As we continue to live this sucky life, just be thankful that you’re able to live at all. For most of us it really isn’t that bad. We just like to complain. Somehow it became cool to complain and we often find ourselves challenging one another on whose life sucks the most. Just relax and do what you do. Eventually things will pick up. Sometimes I don’t believe that it will, but as I always say, if I am not happy here, I will be someday in heaven.

Signing off

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