In the case of Junior Versus The Citizens of New York City

In April of 2010, I wrote a blog post entitled “Are You Your Brother’s Keeper”. That post was a based on an incident that took place on April 24th, 2010, where a homeless man was brutally stabbed while saving a woman from a knife-wielding attacker.  The homeless man was left to lie in a pool [...]

Don’t Let History Make You a Slave

Don’t Let History Make You a Slave

Recently Kanye aka Yeezy went on yet another rant. This time stating that slavery was a choice. Obviously he’s disturbed and I’ll leave it at that. Clearly slavery was NOT a choice, but you you know what is a choice?  Friendships. The people you choose to be in your inner circle.  Your squad, your tribe. [...]

The Art of No

It's funny how children love to say “no”. After mama and dada, this is more than likely a child’s next word.    Kids say no to everything! Water, food, sleep, you name it.  They say no just for the hell of it. No hesitation, no concentration, it just comes out so easy.  Interesting how things change [...]


I am Black. I am female. I am a single mother. I am Haitian-American. These labels make me beautiful. Each and everyone of them make me the woman that I am today. Such a powerful mix… and yet each one of these labels contribute to my feelings of bondage. Have you ever felt caged? Like [...]

Suicide… you don’t have to be crazy to contemplate it….

Life.... it's funny.  You can be staring someone right in the eye and have no idea the pain they live with every day.  We will never say that we are hurting.  We will never tell.  We are too busy making sure the world is a better place while suffering in silence.  We are awesome.  Everyone [...]