Praise Him In the Midst, It May Just Be Your Day!

God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

Today I want to give a testimony on behalf of one of my friends. We all know that the devil is a liar, especially for those of us who serve him, or at least try to.

Last night my friend lost her wallet that contained EVERYTHING on the bus coming to visit and attend church service. Everything was in that wallet. Of course the first reaction was to freak out. Let’s face it I live in Brooklyn. But even in the midst of the storm you have to praise him.

It’s funny I sat and thought to myself, I should pray with her. This is the time to pray not worry. So I did, I prayed for her. One thing I learned when growing up is that everything happens for a reason. God does what he wants because he is God and that’s it.

So with this faith, I called the bus depot every hour until 5am and unfortunately nothing turned up. But it’s weird even though the depot workers said that they didn’t have it, I still didn’t feel like it was over. So we got up and went to church because regardless he still deserves the praise.

It’s funny how God works… My friend went to try her luck at the bank and to her surprise the bank some how located her wallet. A woman called the bank to say she found the wallet. Apparently my friend didn’t leave it on the bus. She must have dropped it while getting off and a good Samaritan who happened to live in my building picked it up and kept it at her house.

God is able to do just what he said he would do. Even when we doubt, he comes through. Even if we didn’t find the wallet, we would still have to praise him because he is always in control.

So for those of us who lack faith, take this as an example that with prayer ANYTHING is possible. Instead of calling the world and spasing out. Take a moment to pray and leave it in the hands of God. He will take care of the rest.

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