Today I do not have an actual blog (well then again the day just started, so who knows) But I have a poem to share. I was told by a friend that I should stop being selfish and share my work. So here is it. Critique if you must. I welcome it.

If the peace that passeth understanding lives down in my heart, then why do I not feel at peace? Why is there a constant war going on inside of me? Good evil, love hate, I am in constant battle even while my gaurd is up I am under attack. I am my own enemy. I am at war with myself, my ideals, my hopes and dreams are in conflict with each other. Its as if there are two souls dwelling in this one body. Where is the peace that passeth understanding? Where is the understanding? Where is that joy joy joy joy down in my heart? I have the love of jesus, at least I think I do, no… I know I do.

The conflict continues…. So im asking where is the peace that passeth understanding? Im asking now what is the understanding and why is peace passing it? The misunderstandings the miseducations over the years, no, over decades and centuries have led to this moment where i feel no peace. Where i have no peace. Is it because I have no heart, is that why the peace cannot dwell with in me? Is that why I can not know joy, is this why I do not have understanding? I am at war everyday. But I will not wave the white flag. I cannot surrender to self, I will only surrender to God. The God that gives peace to those who are restless, the God who gives understanding to the ignorant, the God who gives joy and love to those who are deemed to be heartless…. The God who gives the peace that passeth understanding.

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