Remembering the Sabbath…

As a child growing up Seventh-Day Adventist, opening the sabbath on friday night was a must. This was the routine every friday. Singing Rest Avec Nous, and whatever proposed selections, psalms 82 or 91, prayer and then we would go over the lesson for the week. I had always looked forward to the sabbath. Friday night was family time and it was just a moment where I was at peace.

Nowadays it’s different. There is no more singing, no more psalms, just a prayer. Maybe that’s just because I live alone, but still. I didn’t know how much I missed that routine until last week. I had went to a friend’s house and sabbath “caught me out” or as the Haitians would say sabbat prend’m deyor. I guess it is expected that if you are at a sabbath keeping house that you will open sabbath with the family. So I did, and I don’t know… It felt really good. It was so natural. It wasn’t my family, but I was comfortable nonetheless.

It has been almost 10 years since I had opened sabbath like that. I miss those days where everyone came together on friday night and kept the sabbath. All the TV’s were turned off, all computers off, no radio, everyone was home. Just peace….

I wish I could do that every friday but things are different now. They don’t have to be but they just are… But anyways Happy Sabbath everyone and May God bless you. Oh and Happy Birthday to my friend Ejiro!

Signing out

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