The “Piggy back” syndrome

Hello Everyone,

This is my first time blogging. I am hoping that my random thoughts can spark some sort of discussion or laughter for some one.

So here is a thought. I hate talking out loud in class just to hear myself talk. I am a law student and it seems as if that’s what everyone does. I get reprimanded for not speaking enough in class. But what happens when 5 other people make the same point? I did not come to law school to lean how to  “piggy back” or “reiterate” what half the class already said. It’s redundant.  What happened to good old observing? If I had a dollar for every time a student said to “piggy back” off of what so and so just said, or to “reiterate what so and so just said”, I would be able to pay off my law school loans before graduation. I feel like if I have to speak up in class, it has to be significant. It has to be something profound or at least appropriate. Kissing ass is not what I do. I know I am intelligent so i don’t need to prove that to everyone else. Idk, this seemed to be the theme of last week. I just wanted to get that out.

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