Number four…

Maybe if you opened your eyes you would see me... You wouldn't even need to focus or squint because I would be right there. Nothing to hide, just standing there in my nakedness, innocent as a new-born child. If you opened your eyes you would see that I am love and that love is me. [...]

Diversifying Your Portfolio. How Can I get Stock That Won’t Flop?

This semester, myself and a few of my friends suffered through this grueling class called Corporations.... (Shutters) For the most part it was a sucky experience. Honestly the only thing I took away from that class was the lesson on diversification. As I sit back and go through my stock portfolio I realize that I [...]


06 Keep Breathing I didn't cry when I was in Haiti. I almost did but I didn't. Now that I am back in the states I want to cry every day. Every time I see the pictures I want to cry. There is a sadness in my heart for Haiti. But my tears will not [...]

Water Children

Fe'm cardeau yon ti gout dlo. This is what I heard every single day for the last week. Please give me a gift of water... It's crazy how water is seen as a gift to some.... Last week I along with 15 other people took a journey to my motherland, Haiti. I would first like [...]