Number four…

Maybe if you opened your eyes you would see me… You wouldn’t even need to focus or squint because I would be right there. Nothing to hide, just standing there in my nakedness, innocent as a new-born child.
If you opened your eyes you would see that I am love and that love is me. That in all my mystery, I am peace, I am joy and I am love.
If you only opened your eyes just once you would see that I am what you want… No… What you need…
You would see the compassion, the understanding. You would see the sacrifice… You would see me, for what I am and what I can be to you… You would see strength, endurance, love without end…
But your eyes are sewn shut so that you can’t see.. Even if you wanted to, the seutchers have become one with your flesh, they cannot be undone. You’ve deprived yourself of me before you even knew me… I never had a chance to be seen for what I am, or for what I could have been..
I wish you could open your eyes, you would not have been disappointed. But what’s done is done, and the clock hand cannot be turned back. You made your choice before you even met me, and now you will live with your choice for the rest of our lives…

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