My Short Skirt Doesn’t Mean You Have to Flirt!

As the weather gets warmer, the skirts get shorter. We all know the deal, so let’s keep it real. (Haha I made a rhyme).

There is a double standard that seems to lie among the christians… Everyone wants to comment on how all these short skirts and half-naked bodies are unacceptable. “Smh”, “lord have mercy” and the list of comments goes on and on.

For those of you who are sincere about your disgust for the “lack” of clothing, this is not for you. I respect your gangsta. However, for those men, (the majority) who like to make these comments among your brethren but yet when they are no where in sight congratulate and appreciate the summer apparel, as the say in creole, Al dormi! (Translation, go to sleep).

You are the first ones to put up statuses about women and short skirts, half shirts etc, but you are the main ones trying to flirt. If you don’t like it, don’t support it. This also goes for “liking” it on Facebook.

Although I am not a fan of the half-naked attire, you will find me with a skirt above my knees. Why? cause its hot. Am I selling goodies? No. Am I doing it for attention? Double No. I’m not going to die of heat exhaustion because you can’t control yourself. As a wise Haitian used to say, “if it’s too hot for you loins, go ask the lord to cool your fire”.

We can’t help it that there are thirst buckets out there who purposefully O.D. There is no need for you to be walking around in a bathing suit when there is no beach or pool in sight. But this goes both ways. There is no need for you my brother to walk down the street with no shirt. If you’re doing your job in the gym, I can see your guns though your shirt. But I digress…

The point is stop being fake! It’s summer time get used to it. It happens every year. I don’t understand why people are still shocked at the madness. People are going to walk around naked, half-naked, whatever. If it makes you uncomfortable stop consigning from the sidelines because quite frankly you’re encouraging it.

Now I’m not supporting the half nakedness. (Please put your stones back in your pockets). I’m just saying don’t be luke warm. If you like it, like it. But don’t start crying “my eyes, my eyes” when your “holy” friends are around.

Thought for the day… Just keep it 100!

Signing off!

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