Just Say Hello Already!

Assumptions are beliefs or ideas that we hold to be true, often with little or no evidence required…

I am the master at assuming. Maybe it is because of my field of study. But I will say for the most part it is dangerous and will often times lead you no where…

People assume that because I am in law school and apparently have my stuff together that they know exactly what my type consists of. I’ve been told that I am into pretty boys, that I will only date professional men. If he’s not making six figures I won’t speak to him… Who told you that? Because I know I didn’t.

I think I speak for most women when I say that if Mr. “Right” happens to have these characteristics then Praise God from whom all blessings flow! But if he doesn’t I’m not going to get bitter and sulk. I don’t know what your philosophy is but mines is pretty simple. I just want to be happy. Can money make me happy? Of course. Will status and fame? Maybe. But what happens when all that fades? What happens if your husband can no longer work? Will you leave him? I’d rather be broke and happy then rich and miserable. But then again this is coming from the single girl. What do I really know…

I’m very unpredictable with the people I like because it’s not based on their assets. I can care less what kind of car you drive because all I have is my BM double pied. (My feet lol). Quite frankly I’m happy to get into anything that won’t leave me stranded 2 miles in. I honestly don’t care what you do for a living. As long as you not slinging rocks or are “working” from your couch, you’re good in my book. It’s all about ambition. Do you strive to be the best you can be? Do you have goals? Do you try to meet them? If so, then check plus for you!

I am fully aware of my “status” as a soon to be Esq. Am I proud? Hell yes! I have suffered for this title. But at the end of the day I am still a person. My law degree is not the defining factor, and your job isn’t yours. What most of you men don’t get is that if you have me at hello then nothing else is really going to matter. (Except if I find out you’re a dope dealer or the leader of some under ground cartel).

Stop being intimidated. It really isn’t that serious. Being bold in my book is a virtue. If you can’t even say hello, I’ve already ended the chapter before it even began… This rant isn’t just about me. It was actually an inside joke that inspired this piece (Stellaaaaa!!! LMAO). Maybe I make things too simple. But really man up (or woman up) and say HI already! It’s only a matter of time before someone else does it for you, and then you’ll be left alone with your shoulda woulda coulda’s. All because you’re a store clerk and she’s a doctor.

See not so hard... If he can do it, so can you!

No one likes insecurities. We smell it from a mile a way. So the next time you see someone who you may want to get to know, don’t let their appearance or accomplishments deter you because you really never know. We are not all that shallow…

Say Hi already!

11 thoughts on “Just Say Hello Already!

  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for writing this piece. I have had that ugly little word, “intimidate” flung at me way too often. I can agree with every single word you wrote. It’s just sad that men assume they know it all and can size a woman up based on her accomplishments. My goodness, I had to control myself as I read this post at work. The funny thing is women are guilty of the same thing. We have got to work on our communication. That is the entire basis of a good relationship, even if it’s just among friends. Whoo! Madame Esquire you struck a nerve with me and I felt like I just went to church. Thank you for writing this!

    1. Thanks Sis! It definitely goes both ways. No one is better than the other regardless of degrees or wealth etc. People need to stop hiding behind those things and man up! (or woman up lol)

  2. *clap Clap CLAP You Killed it!! This is so true. Individuals want to brush away their own insecurities by calling you bougie or intimidating.

  3. Serious talk Ritha…I hear what you telling us guys, but as you said “man up, or woman up”

    1. I’m glad you agree D. It does go both ways, but you have to admit, it is usually the guy that is expected to make the first move. Many people are still old fashioned about that.

      1. Yes the guy is usually expected to make the first move, but there is nothing wrong quid pro quo (something for something) you approach men, men approach you. Men approach women and vice versa. We live in a place and time where gender roles have shifted. Although we are different beings male and female, God has charge humanity to love him, obey his command and love one another. How can we do that unless the men pick up where woman leave off and woman where men? Be the change you would like to see in the world and above all Trust in God from whom all blessings flow. It’s not who says the first word…it’s the fact that the word was said.

  4. I agree. Dudes need to just man up. One thing that I have learned is that qualifications do not equal entitlement. So brothers, who says that only Diddy Jr. should be the one happily bunned-up with a certain fly black headcloth wearing sister? You’re not in the game untill you pass the interview, so go for it. Your future may be behind door number 1.

  5. I Like this piece Rutherford!!!… So true.. SAY HI! Don’t just admire from afar because that will get you absolutely nowhere! What’s the worse that can happen? They walk away? they don’t respond? BIG DEAL… at least you tried! And I love the “Who told you that? Because I didn’t” Lol… I cans see your face when you thought that! Get em girl!

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