Ayiti Cherie…

I was raised to know you. I was raised to love you. You were my first. My first word, my first song everything i am was for you. Funny how everything I am is you and yet I have never met you. I’ve never seen your face. I’ve never spoken to you. I have never touched you. But you run through my veins, I bleed you. When you hurt I hurt and when you cry I cry. Right now we are crying together. We are both in pain. It’s too much to bear, my soul cannot take no more. I see what has happened to you and there are no words to describe my pain. I feel so helpless its driving me insane.

I want to help you, I want to make it go away. I want to save you but I can’t. I’m too far, im too weak, it’s too hard… I can’t speak…

I stay up with you all night, if you don’t sleep I don’t sleep, if you cant eat I wont eat. I can’t be happy when you are sad. I wish there was something that I could do to make this all go away, but the only thing I can do now is pray.

Pray that deliverance will soon come, pray that when everything is all said and done that we will all see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because for every mountain and for every trial God has seen us through. We have to continue to praise whether the sky is grey or blue. In the good times and bad times our praise must be true. So as I look at you from miles away, know that i am with you, in my heart you have a place, in my prayers you will stay.

Ayiti cherie, mwen pa kapab bliye’w, mwen pakabap lage’w. Map mande bon dieu poul ka delivre’w. Nous souffri trop, ki le lap suspan? Mwen pandan ce tant nap ba’ dieu lounge. Ayiti cherie ou bien fatigué, mais kembé ferme continué luté.

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